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Grand Opening

As a part of the Squeegee Squad family, you will always have access to support. Learn about our training programs and opening your new window cleaning business. Once you have secured your Squeegee Squad territory, you will immediately begin pre-training, official training, and post training. Ongoing support will continue throughout the duration of your franchise ownership. You will always have access to support whenever you need.

3 - 10 Minutes

Squeegee Squad Franchise Training & Grand Opening

Once you have decided to open your Squeegee Squad franchise, the fun and learning has just begun. After executing your franchise license agreement, there are many onboarding activities and training modules that you will begin to complete. Although the time frame to your grand opening can be fairly short, there are a lot of exciting business building items on the team agenda.

Before attending training, Squeegee Squad support staff and founders will be working together with you to do the following activities:

  • Form your corporation
  • Research local taxes and set up your accounting system
  • Set up grand opening marketing
  • Create social media profiles and directory listings
  • View pre-training videos and set up business forms
  • Order marketing materials and place local marketing
  • Procure vehicle(s), equipment, & supplies
  • Create your local website and perform local search engine optimization
  • Begin recruiting and interviewing prospects to become your window cleaning technicians

Franchise Training

Squeegee Squad franchise training consists of one full week of training at Squeegee Squad headquarters in Minneapolis or another designated location depending on weather and availability. During this casual and fun training session you will be exposed to everything needed in order to start operating quickly, safely, and aggressively. There will be time spent in the classroom as well as time spent on a jobsite learning the ropes (sometimes literally).

Squeegee Squad training covers aspects of franchise ownership such as:
  • Residential Window Cleaning - Train the trainer & customer service
  • Commercial Window Cleaning - Aerial lifts, rope descent systems, & powered platforms
  • Window Cleaning Technician - Recruiting, interviewing, hiring, & management
  • Safety & OSHA guidelines
  • Residential & commercial pricing and sales process
  • Office procedures, scheduling, & accounting
  • Squadware - Proprietary Squeegee Squad business management software
  • Safe Cleaning - Avoiding scratched glass liability
  • Financial controls and planning your scale up

Grand Opening

Once you have completed the Squeegee Squad franchise training program and pre-opening activities, you’re ready to start marketing and growing your business! A Squeegee Squad founder will personally visit your market and spend time with you to proactively begin finding your first customers and window cleaning technicians.

Ongoing Training & Support

Although your first week of training at Squeegee Squad headquarters is extensive, we understand that you can not possibly encounter every situation that you will need to experience while growing your business. Squeegee Squad corporate founders believe that franchise partners are priority number one and the success of the Squeegee Squad brand is weighted heavily upon the ability to provide continuing support long after you start your business. The Squeegee Squad franchise is a long term, mutually beneficial and supportive relationship.

“As a co-founder of the Squeegee Squad, I believe that my time and energy are best spent finding new ways to add value and help our franchise partners grow. I’m not a hard core, high pressure ‘sales guy’. I feel that the best way to grow the Squeegee Squad brand nationally is to focus like a laser on helping each franchise owner to improve, grow, and achieve their goals. This is how I believe a franchise organization should operate.”

- Co-Founder, Joe Ruegsegger

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Squeegee Squad is a federally regulated national franchise organization that has been recognized in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500.

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