Field Trip to Squeegee Squad Headquarters

Visiting Squeegee Squad corporate headquarters gives everyone the opportunity to see: is this the right fit? Meet with leadership, and see how it all works. Course 303 will educate you on what to expect when taking a field trip to Squeegee Squad window cleaning franchise headquarters.

Admissions Interview
2 Minutes

Squeegee Squad Headquarters Field Trip

Once you have learned about the Squeegee Squad brand and answered the questions below, you are ready for a personal visit. A field trip to Squeegee Squad Headquarters will allow you to see an actual Squeegee Squad operation, view some of the Squeegee Squad proprietary business systems and technology, and meet with top level management for an interview. You will learn the final information that you need to make an informed business decision. The Squeegee Squad management team will also have the opportunity to meet you personally before making a final decision on granting franchise rights to you.

What to expect when visiting headquarters:

  • The field trip will take approximately 24 hours. You can fly into Minneapolis in the afternoon and we’ll have dinner together in the evening. The following day we will tour the corporate office and a local franchise office. You can plan to fly out in the late afternoon the following day.
  • Plan to bring a list of any remaining questions you may have about the Squeegee Squad brand and business model.
  • Plan to demonstrate that you are a franchise candidate who will follow the Squeegee Squad system and fit into the close, family-like culture of aggressive and ambitious entrepreneurs who value honesty and integrity.

Are you ready for a personal interview? If you answer “Yes” to the following questions, then you are ready to schedule your flight to Minneapolis for a personal interview.

  1. Do you understand the Squeegee Squad concept and how the Squeegee Squad business operates?
  2. Do you understand the Squeegee Squad core mission, values, and culture?
  3. Have you reviewed the Squeegee Squad FDD?
  4. Have you begun to create your Squeegee Squad protected territory?
  5. Do you understand what your initial investment will be and do you have funds available to make the investment?
  6. Have you personally spoken with a Squeegee Squad founder and been invited to come for a visit?
  7. Are you able to make a decision to move forward and commence operations within the next 60 to 90 days?

Personal Interview

Visiting Squeegee Squad in Minneapolis will be a fun and stress free time allowing us the opportunity to get together face to face and talk about business. A franchise relationship is like a marriage and both parties should value the opportunity to meet before making a final decision on whether to do business together. You will not be pressured to enter into a franchise relationship during your field trip to Squeegee Squad headquarters. While you are on the field trip, please also consider that headquarters staff will be making evaluations on whether you are fit to join the Squad.

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