Understanding the Franchise Relationship

Learn some of the basics of the Squeegee Squad franchise license and see what it means to be a part of Squeegee Squad Nation. This course will outline some of the basic terms of the Squeegee Squad franchise agreement. This is the contract that establishes the understanding of how the franchise relationship will be conducted. You can request a copy of the contract below.

Contract Basics
2.5 Minutes

Understanding the Franchise Relationship

The franchise industry has over 733,000 establishments throughout the United States. In 2016, the franchise business model created over 7.5 million jobs within franchise locations and over 13 million jobs have been created because of franchises. Franchising has had a major positive impact on the economy and franchising is an industry that is regulated by the United States Federal Trade Commission. Franchising is a great business model which provided a win-win relationship to build brands while enabling individuals to build wealth and enjoy the freedom of owning their own business.

Squeegee Squad headquarters has invested millions of dollars into the development of the brand, system, and support mechanism. Squeegee Squad creates value for franchisees by providing: the Squeegee Squad brand, training, proprietary systems, excellent support, research & development, shared knowledge & resources, peer relationships, and more. Your franchise will enable you to build wealth, gain freedom, pay off debt, and increase earnings as you plug into the Squeegee Squad franchise brand and grow your business.

A Squeegee Squad franchise agreement is a license to operate a business using the brand within a protected geographic territory. Territories are limited and Squeegee Squad does not allow more than one franchise owner within a territory.

Basic Terms of the Squeegee Squad Franchise license:

Duration of Squeegee Squad Franchise Agreement

The Squeegee Squad franchise license agreement has a term of ten years. As with any other type of license, the agreement can be renewed upon expiration provided that the licensee is in good standing.

The Squeegee Squad Protected Territory Policy

Squeegee Squad protected territories are calculated using a multiplier of $.145 cents per person using the latest US census data (2010) with a starting base territory size of 200,000 people. Your Squeegee Squad territory is protected and Squeegee Squad corporate headquarters will not allow any other Squeegee Squad franchisee’s to enter into your territory.

The Brand Trademarks

The phrase Squeegee Squad is a protected trademark owned by Jack & Joe’s Franchising, Inc. and will be licensed to you for use when marketing and operating your Squeegee Squad business. Squeegee Squad headquarters will ensure that competitors will not be allowed to use the Squeegee Squad trademark.

Initial Territory Fee (Franchise Fee)

The Squeegee Squad base territory fee starts at twenty nine thousand dollars and covers your onboarding costs associated with the support involved in helping you to establish and build your new business. These costs include things like training, travel, overhead, staffing, advertising, legal fees, and the geographic territory value itself. There is a finite amount of Squeegee Squad protected territory available.

National Co-operative Fee

The continuing fee (royalty) is based on percent of gross revenue and acts much like an expense co-op among all Squeegee Squad franchisees. Squeegee Squad franchise owners get more for less. This co-operative fee enables all franchise owners to have access to corporate support staff, research and development, marketing, websites, proprietary software, and more in order to gain competitive advantages. Franchise owners are able to pay a small fee in order to take advantage of better quality expenses. The continuing co-op fee is calculated on a sliding scale and is reduced as your business grows. As your franchise graduates to the next yearly gross revenue tier, the fee goes down.

  • $0 - $250,000 per year = 7%
  • $250,001 - $500,000 per year = 6%
  • $500,001 and above per year = 5%

The Squeegee Squad franchise disclosure document (FDD) highlights all details related to operating your Squeegee Squad business. Use the link below to request a copy of the FDD.

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