How Long Does It Take to Get Started?

Learn just what is involved in opening your new window cleaning business. With help from Squeegee Squad franchising, it's faster than you think! Realistically, it is possible to be open and start operating your window cleaning franchise within two months from TODAY .

Ramping Up
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How Soon Can I Start Making Money?

Cleaning the windows of a commercial building.

Are you ready to open your new Squeegee Squad business? Many aspiring entrepreneurs (perhaps even yourself) who visit this website may just be window shopping or day dreaming about starting a business. Embarking on a new adventure is a fun thought. It’s enjoyable to imagine a better life with more freedom, increased income, and a brighter future of long term wealth and prosperity.

Most day dreamers however, may never take the entrepreneurial leap! Unfortunately, they will likely settle into the common life of mediocrity due to the fear of risk. You have to choose whether you will be satisfied with unhappiness in your current career or if you are willing to venture out onto an unfamiliar path. If you are a serious entrepreneur and if you possess the ability to decisively move forward in business, you could open and operate your Squeegee Squad Franchise in less than 2 months.

Starting a Window Cleaning Business - Month One

Starting a window cleaning business with Squeegee Squad Franchising

The following steps can be completed in one month or less:

  • Contact us for more information and schedule a phone call to get acquainted and submit an application.
  • Schedule a webinar for detailed Q & A diligence.
  • Collectively analyze your market and create your territory.
  • Review the franchise contract and understand the Squeegee Squad model.
  • Schedule a flight for a field trip and personal interview at Squeegee Squad franchise headquarters.
  • Make the decision to take control of your future.

Starting a Window Cleaning Business - Month Two

Buiding your team to start a window cleaning business.

These next steps can also be done in less than a month of your decision:

  • Execute your franchise contract & submit your protected territory fee.
  • Purchase all business materials including: vehicle(s), marketing materials, business phone number, equipment & supplies, etc.
  • Commence franchise pre-training support activities & Squeegee Squad tutorials.
  • Attend Squeegee Squad franchise training.
  • Work with Squeegee Squad support in your territory to ramp up marketing and customer acquisition.

Realistically, it is possible to be open and start operating your window cleaning franchise within two months from TODAY.

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