Building Wealth with Your Squeegee Squad Franchise

Find out how to make money and build wealth by starting a window cleaning business with the Squeegee Squad franchise model. Building your own Squeegee Squad business will lead to more wealth than just the income that you take out of it as owners compensation. This course considers the value of your window cleaning franchise itself.

Getting Rich
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How to Build Wealth with your Squeegee Squad Franchise

Many years ago, while cleaning windows, co-founder Joe Ruegsegger was engaging in conversation with a customer. The entrepreneur customer remarked: “Owning your own business is really the only way to get ahead in life. Great job getting out there and making it happen!”

Seasoned veteran entrepreneurs and successful business owners inherently understand the long term benefits of starting, building, and owning a profitable and successful business. The long term wealth that is generated from owning your own business can help you get out of debt quicker and buildsavings and resources faster than working for someone else.

Another fellow entrepreneur and business mentor explained: “The real wealth in your business is the business itself.” It’s always nice to build a business and be able to pay yourself more and more every year as the business grows. It’s really nice when you’re growing income exceeds your original expectations. However, taking a handsome income from your company is not the icing on the cake. It isn’t even the cake itself.

Cleaning windows of TCF Bank Stadium.

Starting and Building a Window Cleaning Business

Real wealth building occurs in the actual building of your business. Your business is an asset, and building your business is like building a new home. The only difference is that the value of your business is not subject to the housing market. The value of your Squeegee Squad franchise is determined by the size and profitability of the business itself. You can grow your business however large you want it to grow. Your Squeegee Squad business holds value that can be sold when you are ready to retire, cash out, or pass it along to a relative or family member.

Regardless of your future exit strategy, your business can be sold and the great wealth of your business can be converted to cash. Building a successful Squeegee Squad franchise is a solid option toward building long term wealth. When you work for someone else, you spend your energy and years building someone else’s business. When you spend your productive years working to build someone else’s business, your personal value and ability to achieve personal wealth and prosperity is diminished. All of your life’s hard work and labor goes into someone else’s pocket. That is mediocrity. Engaging in the risk, hard work, and fruits of building your own business is excellence.

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