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Learn how to avoid common challenges when starting a window cleaning business by following the Squeegee Squad franchise model. If you have never started a business before, then this may be the most important page on this entire franchise information website. Most people remain in mediocrity their entire lives due to the simple, dream-killing, fear of the unknown.

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Avoid Obstacles to Starting Your Window Cleaning Company

Fear Induced Mediocrity

Have you ever asked yourself why more people work for someone else their entire life instead of starting their own business? Fear breeds excuses. Mediocre people inadvertently talk themselves out of moving beyond the “day dreaming” stage of entrepreneurial aspirations. Daydreaming about starting a business does not qualify one to take on the title of “entrepreneur.” One must actually deal with the fear of the unknown, invest in the business, and then build it.

If you do not take control of your own future, the world will force you into mediocrity by default. Mediocrity is the result of this fear that holds people back and it may be holding you back. If you work for someone else, it is likely that your boss wants you to remain just where you are at in your professional career. The business world (i.e. your boss) appreciates your natural talent and productivity just enough to pay you the least amount possible and confiscate your life’s work and energy in order to maximize his or her own wealth. As an employee, you are an underpaid cog in someone else’s wheel. Many people settle into this way of life and falsely believe they have more security with a small weekly paycheck. These people all contribute to the growing wealth of business owning entrepreneurs.

Did you know that fleas can jump up to 66 times their body length? Fleas have been recorded to jump as high as 7.9 inches. If you put some fleas in a jar, they will jump out of the jar easily and quickly. If you put a lid on the jar, the fleas will quickly learn to jump lower so that they do not hit their heads on the lid. Once you take off the lid, the fleas will continue jumping lower than the lid and they will never jump out of the jar. Furthermore, the fleas will mate and their offspring will also never jump higher than where the lid of the jar used to be because they were taught by their parents to jump low. Are you a flea in a jar?

Fortunately human beings are not fleas and humans can motivate themselves to get out of the jar. You have to make a decision to avoid the following obstacles however if you truly want to break free. You will need to confront the inevitable fear of the unknown before you decide to jump out of the jar. Once you do so, you’ll find freedom, independence, risk, reward, hard work, new challenges, and prosperity!

Common Obstacles When Starting a Window Cleaning Company:

  1. Choosing the Wrong Advisors
    When talking about starting up your Squeegee Squad window cleaning franchise with others, it is good to talk with other business owners to seek advice, counsel, and affirmation. If you seek advice from people who have never run a business before, it’s likely that you may run into negative discouragement. Misery loves company and sometimes people become jealous of the opportunity, the risk, and the reward that you are contemplating. Fellow entrepreneurs who have started and operated businesses tend to be more realistic in their thoughts, opinions, and advice about your ability to build your own business.

  2. Uninformed Spouse or Partner
    If you are married, we strongly recommend including your spouse in your entrepreneurial research and decision making. Your spouse needs to be on board with this family decision 100%. Do your research together. Pray about it together. Make the business decision together. Your partner’s intuition is important. You are in this together. Together, seek advice from entrepreneurs who can encourage your aspirations toward business ownership as it is a great way to grow personally, contribute to society by providing jobs, and grow wealth so that you can enjoy life and give generously.

  3. Lack of Confidence in Yourself. “I’m not ready. I don’t have business skills.”
    If you were to ask co-founders Jack and Joe Ruegsegger about what is needed to succeed, they will probably tell you that they started this business from scratch, right out of college, with no prior business experience or sales skills. Squeegee Squad is a simple business and as you grow, you will continue to learn and grow as a leader in your company. Telling yourself that you are not ready, can be a form of procrastination that you will need to learn to overcome if you are going to start a successful window cleaning business. Start thinking positively like an entrepreneur. Many people don’t give themselves the credit that they are due concerning their own God given talents and abilities. Give yourself the credit that you are due. Quit telling yourself negative lies about your own abilities. You owe it to yourself and your family to think realistically about your skills and your ability to learn, grow, and thrive as a Squeegee Squad franchise owner.

  4. Financial Hurdles
    Fortunately, you do not need to have a $1 million net worth in order to start your own Squeegee Squad business. You can start this business for less than $50k. A bank loan for $50k is fairly easy to obtain if you have collateral. The SBA has great new programs to help you get started. A 5-year term note at 6% interest would be less than an $800 per month business loan payment. There are many other tools to leverage like using a tax free 401K rollover if you have a retirement account. There are professionals out there who specialize in helping people start new businesses with tools like these. If you intend to use debt or leverage an existing retirement account to start your business, you should start applying now. Take a look at this blog post detailing funding resources for starting a window cleaning business.

  5. Analysis Paralysis
    According to Wikipedia, “Analysis paralysis or paralysis by analysis is the state of over-analyzing (or over-thinking) a situation so that a decision or action is never taken, in effect paralyzing the outcome.” This is one of the most common forms of procrastination which can ultimately disable your ability to be decisive and become an entrepreneur. Analysis Paralysis is a dream killer and can lead to long term mediocrity.

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Are you struggling with fear?

Everyone gets the jitters. It is normal. If you think you have a legitimate excuse as to why you are not ready to start your business, then feel free to contact a Squeegee Squad professor below and ask about it.

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