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Discover how the Squeegee Squad franchise brand and approach makes it easy to make money by starting your own window cleaning business. The Squeegee Squad competitive edge consists of the systematic ability to provide excellent service to homeowners and building managers through safety, reliability, and professionalism.

Competitive Advantage
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The Squeegee Squad window cleaning franchise business model has been developed and is geared to facilitate large scale executive business growth. The window cleaning industry is under-developed and the competition fragmented. There are many unsophisticated competitors who may consist of an owner and a window cleaner doing the work of the entire company. According to an industry survey of over 1000 window cleaning businesses, 76% of all window cleaning companies have annual gross revenues of less than $100,000 per year. This has created a large consumer needs gap. Squeegee Squad fills the gap by providing sophisticated and professional window cleaning services to the consumers who want someone who they can trust to get the job done well, while meeting the expectation of having insured, trained, and polished service. An organizational chart of most of the competitors of Squeegee Squad may look like this:

Competitor Business Model - One Man Operator

Competitor business model when starting a window cleaning business.

This is an actual “help wanted” ad found on craigslist from a competitor.

Help Wanted Ad from a competitor window cleaning business.

The Squeegee Squad Window Cleaning Franchise

The largest Squeegee Squad location grossed over $2.6 million dollars last year (2016). Many times, Squeegee Squad owners will obtain business just by showing up to give a quote, answering the phone, and completing the work. Many competitors struggle just to do those basics because they are too busy working on a ladder to provide reliable, professional, dependable, and timely service that homeowners and building managers would expect from a professional company. We are living in the year 2017 and old business models cannot compare with the level of service that Squeegee Squad offers. Squeegee Squad is able to keep up with the fast paced technologically driven world that has conditioned our customers to expect quality products and services quickly and professionally.

Residential Competitive Edge

Picture yourself as a homeowner who wants to have his or her windows cleaned. Imagine yourself as a window cleaning customer. Perhaps you already are one. You live in a fast paced world in which technology is constantly making life easier and more efficient every day. You expect fairly instant gratification when it comes to basic things like: your meals, your morning coffee, booking a flight, paying a bill, accessing your bank account, ordering a pizza, etc. You might think that getting your windows cleaned should be a pretty simple process to: 1.) ask how much it costs, and 2.) schedule your appointment (preferably without having to wait a month because the guy who gave you a quote who cleans the windows himself is scatterbrained, unreliable, booked out too far, Woman disappointed with window cleaning company service. and may or may not answer his phone or return your call on the same day).

As a consumer, you would hope that your window cleaner would be able to follow through and provide the service that you have come to expect in all other areas of your life. When the idea of getting your home windows cleaned becomes a priority and you are ready to get the job done, you expect to make a phone call or go online and take care of your need within minutes. You also expect that your window cleaner will show up on the date and time that you were told. Squeegee Squad team members hear and report many stories over and over again in which they gained business just for doing the very most basic service tasks like making sure the phone is answered and making sure the customer’s needs are fulfilled in a way that reflects their expectation.

5-Star ratings for Squeegee Squad window cleaning franchise. Customers who use Squeegee Squad have learned through experience that they can save time and headaches while having assurance that their homes are in good hands with knowledgeable, insured, and trained Squeegee Squad window cleaning technicians. The Squeegee Squad service system is built on providing catered service to homeowners and building managers. The “one man show” competitor is too busy juggling too many details all from a ladder to be focusing on how to provide cutting edge service to the consumer. Squeegee Squad franchising is unique in the window cleaning industry because finally, there is a professional brand. Squeegee Squad headquarters has the time and ability to conduct the surveys, perform the research, and continue to develop and tailor an excellent consumer experience. The corporate effort is ongoing and Squeegee Squad franchise owners have and will continue to win the war on windows.

Commercial Competitive Edge

Imagine now that you are a building manager who manages a multi building corporate campus or a purchasing manager for a city or county. You have a responsibility to make sure the property needs and building maintenance needs are met. Toilets need to be cleaned daily, grass needs to be manicured with perfect stripes, the air conditioning system has to be cool. You have a big responsibility with lots of balls in the air on any given day. As the manager, your superiors look to you if something does not look right. Your employer is a high profile multi billion dollar company and your superiors also expect you to understand the importance of reducing liability by eliminating the risks of OSHA fines, accidents, and property damage from a vendor on site.

Pricing is not the only factor you consider when deciding what vendors to hire to take care of your janitorial, or lawn mowing, air conditioning repairs, or exterior maintenance and window cleaning. It is your job to find a window cleaning company that you can trust to get the job done well while following OSHA standards and giving you the peace of mind that you won’t lose your job if something goes wrong on your building. You understand that the safety industry is constantly changing. You don’t have time to keep up on all the details of every single industry that services your building. You have an important decision to make when you choose a window cleaning company.

There are many commercial window cleaning companies all over the country who have complacently been around for years servicing the same buildings with the same access methods which haven’t been updated (within their company) for years. As there is much less competition in any given market for serving large commercial clients, there is also much less motivation for many outdated competitors of Squeegee Squad to stay on top of their game.

The Squeegee Squad window cleaning franchise has been earning the trust of building owners and property managers since 1999. Much like the large commercial client, Squeegee Squad itself is a large national company that eliminates risk by doing things perfectly according to OSHA standards. Commercial building managers appreciate that, and Squeegee Squad franchise owners have instant credibility and trust. As a Squeegee Squad franchise owner, you will be taught and led to understand that safety and marketing are one and the same.

Cleaning windows on a large commercial building.

Squeegee Squad upsets the competition.

From day 1, Squeegee Squad franchise owners start out way ahead of the competition. Squeegee Squad franchise owners have: more knowledge, better technology, a solid gameplan for success, corporate support and training, peer relationships and networking groups, economies of scale, a great household name brand, a world class business operating system, proprietary custom software, safety & OSHA standards training, and much more.

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