How much money
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Learn how much money you can make in the window cleaning business. You might be surprised how quickly your business can grow with help from Squeegee Squad. We encourage you to set your goals high, and Squeegee Squad will work hard to support you in achieving those goals!

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How much money can I make by starting a window cleaning business?

In our 18 years operating the Squeegee Squad franchise system and supporting Squeegee Squad franchisees, we have seen that when franchisees follow the business system, work hard, and aggressively promote sales, the Squeegee Squad business model can help franchisee's propel them to achieving their revenue goals. Squeegee Squad franchise owners come from a variety of backgrounds with different skills and goals. Squeegee Squad will give you the tools, support, credibility, and brand needed to grow a large window cleaning business and achieve your business goals.

Commercial Pressure Washing | Squeegee Squad Window Cleaning Franchise

Please note that if your goal is to buy a job for yourself and operate your business at a level that requires you permanently serve as your own labor force (limiting the time you spend promoting and growing the business), we do not share that goal. At Squeegee Squad, we seek to partner with ambitious entrepreneurs who WILL NOT accept a lifetime of being a window cleaner. The Squeegee Squad business model aims to navigate beyond three distinct tiers of window cleaning business growth. Following the path to surpass these tiers can lead to long term business growth and personal prosperity.

Tier 1 Growth Goal Example – Initial Start-Up

Tier 1 Window Cleaning Business | How to Start a Window Cleaning Franchise

Tier 2 Growth Goal Example – Developing Infrastructure

Tier 2 Window Cleaning Business | How to Start a Window Cleaning Franchise

Tier 3 Growth Goal Example – Continuing Growth & Maturity

Tier 3 Window Cleaning Business | How to Start a Window Cleaning Franchise

Window Cleaning Business Growth Example

The largest grossing Squeegee Squad franchise location* produced $2,941,270 in 2017. What is your goal?

Gross Revenue Graph | How to Start a Window Cleaning Business

More Squeegee Squad Franchisee Revenue Figures*

Franchisee Revenue Chart | Squeegee Squad Franchise Revenues 2017

Profit Margins & Owner Income

Profits and owner income varies during different stages of franchise growth and development. Although we do not make claims as to what your profit margin will be as a Squeegee Squad business owner, it is important to understand the expenses and continue to develop your understanding of the Squeegee Squad franchise model. Developing a financial pro-forma (projections) is a great method to gain an understanding of how much money you will make as you grow your business. You can request a Squeegee Squad University financial calculator that will help you to develop an understanding of income, expenses, profits, and owner income. Feel free to fill out the form below and be sure to request the “Squeegee Squad University Financial Calculator” in the message box.

Squeegee Squad University Financial Calculator

*In our 2018 Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), we reported average, median, and high-low gross revenues for U.S.-based Squeegee Squad locations that had been in operation on a full-time basis for at least 3 full years as of December 31, 2017, and reported financial data to us. The information was sorted by the number of years each location had been in operation at the time the gross revenues were reported.  Of the 50 franchised Squeegee Squad locations that were open and operating as of December 31, 2017: 3 locations were located outside of the U.S., 23 locations had been in operation for fewer than 3 full years as of December 31, 2017, 3 locations were not operated on a full-time basis during one or more of the years for which information was reported, and 2 locations did not report complete information to us.  None of these 31 locations were included in the table above.  The figures shown are unaudited results that these locations reported to us for the applicable years.

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