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See where the Squeegee Squad window cleaning franchise started, and learn how you can start your own window cleaning business with Squeegee Squad Franchising.

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Squeegee Squad Mission Statement

  • Honor God in all we do

  • Excel with customers

  • Help people develop

  • Grow profitably

The Beginning

If you were to tell brothers, Jack and Joe Ruegsegger back in 1994 that in ten years they would have a successful business cleaning windows, they would have probably told you that you were nuts. You see, back in 1994, Jack was just beginning college as a biology major with hopes of following his father's footsteps and becoming a physician. One afternoon, while looking over the church bulletin board, Joe found a help wanted ad for a summer job as a window washer. As Joe began to learn the window washing trade, older brother Jack eventually ended up going to work with him. As often is the case, the path we set out on isn't always the one that delivers us to our calling. For Jack and Joe, it is this unexpected journey into the world of window washing that has made all the difference.

After finishing college, Jack found that his plan of becoming a physician was not meant to be. Living up to the enterprising person that he is, Jack began working as a stockbroker in training. Finding that this was a tough row to hoe, Jack came back to washing windows on the weekend with Joe to help supplement his income. Cleaning windows was proving to be more rewarding than trading stocks for a living. Consequently, Jack quit his job and dedicated himself fully to the service of washing windows.

Starting a Window Cleaning Company

So it is 1999. Jack embarks on a new journey by starting a window cleaning business with his brother Joe. They began by visiting with homeowners in neighboring areas and passing out brochures detailing their window cleaning services. Through making a personal connection with homeowners, Jack and Joe were welcomed as the neighborhood window cleaner in every area they entered.

At the same time, Joe was pursuing a college degree in business. So, between classes and around studying, Joe continued to spend time with Jack servicing the neighborhoods. The matter of naming the company proved to be a predetermined task: Jack & Joe’s Window Cleaning, Inc. was the obvious choice!

In 2002, after graduating from college, Joe directed his efforts entirely on the goal of servicing the growing client base and developing systems and training to accommodate the growing business. By 2005, Jack and Joe’s Window Cleaning grew to almost nine hundred thousand dollars in gross revenue. The company had grown into something that was well beyond their dreams in 1999 as it was reaching neighborhoods throughout the Twin Cities Metro area.

Window Cleaning Team Photo - Starting a window cleaning company

Squeegee Squad Franchise

As Jack and Joe continued to nurture, grow, and expand their window cleaning company, they decided to change the name to meet increasing interest, prepare for expansion, and develop a national brand. What had begun as Jack & Joe's Window Cleaning had developed into the Squeegee Squad®.

As pioneers in the window cleaning business, Squeegee Squad® had persevered and played an integral role in offering professional window cleaning to neighborhoods beyond the Twin Cities Metro area. After building a strong reputation over the years, Jack & Joe's Franchising, Inc. now enlists the help of qualified franchise partners to share the success and expand in other markets while maintaining the strong reputation for which Squeegee Squad® is well known and trusted.

In 2007 Squeegee Squad expanded into the large commercial & high rise window cleaning niche. By spring of 2017 Squeegee Squad has successfully grown to over 50 locations in 24 states and in 4 countries. With Jack’s emphasis on recruiting combined with Joe’s emphasis on the development of systems and support, the duo has successfully emerged with the Squeegee Squad brand as a proven and viable national window cleaning franchise concept.

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