How Much Capital is Required?

Find out how much money you need to start your own window cleaning business. This low-cost franchise model makes it easy to start. You can start your own Squeegee Squad franchise for less than $50,000 which includes all start-up costs.

Cost to Start a Window Cleaning Business | Squeegee Squad Franchising
Initial Investment
1.5 Minutes

The Low Cost Window Cleaning Business Start-up

One attractive aspect of owning your Squeegee Squad window cleaning franchise is the low barrier to entry. Squeegee Squad is a low cost franchise opportunity. Savvy entrepreneurs who have joined the Squad Nation appreciate the inexpensive start up and quick break even point. Squeegee Squad window cleaning franchises can profit faster than many other service industry businesses.

In order to start your Squeegee Squad Franchise you will need to incur some basic expenses:

  • Training Costs & Territory Fee
  • Vehicle, Ladders, and Window Cleaning Equipment
  • Paper Marketing Materials & Uniforms
  • Ongoing Advertising
  • Office Supplies & Software
  • Insurance
Capital for Starting a Window Cleaning Business

Squeegee Squad can be run from home at the beginning. Storage lockers are also a great option to park vehicles and meet with employees during the early stages. Eventually, you will need to move into a light industrial park with room for parking, office, and equipment warehouse storage. This is a cost efficient and low overhead business.

Squeegee Squad Window Cleaning Franchise Office

The Item 7* table below displays a range of $40K - $120K. Many franchise owners have an initial investment within the low end of the range. Your largest initial investment variables which affect this initial investment range will be:

  1. Territory Size - How large of a Squeegee Squad territory will you secure for yourself?
  2. Working Capital - How much money do you need per month to pay your personal living expenses while you are in the start-up phase before breaking even?

Estimated Initial Investment for Starting a Window Cleaning Business

Type of Expenditure Amount Method Of Payment When Due To Whom Payment Is To Be Made
Initial Franchise Fee(1) $29,000 to $58,000 Lump sum When you sign the Franchise Agreement Us
Grand Opening Advertising(2) $6,000 to $15,000 Lump sum Before you open your Business Suppliers
Wages, Travel and Living Expenses During Training $500 to $3,000 As incurred During training Airlines, Hotels & Restaurants
Vehicle Purchase Down Payment(3) $0 to $5,000 Lump sum Before start Supplier
Initial Software License Fee $1,000 Lump sum Before start Us
Vehicle Equipment(4) $50 to $900 Lump sum Before start Supplier
Vehicle Signage $200 to $2,000 Lump sum Before start Supplier
Computer Equipment(5) $0 to $2,500 Lump sum Before start Suppliers
Insurance $1,000 to $6,000 As incurred As arranged Supplier
Initial Window Cleaning Equipment and Inventory(6) $1,000 to $10,000 Lump sum As arranged Supplier
Professional Services $500 to $2,000 As incurred As arranged Supplier
Office Equipment & Supplies(7) $500 to $2,000 Lump sum Before start Supplier
Uniforms(8) $200 to $800 Lump sum Before start Approved Supplier
Licenses & Permits $25 to $250 Lump sum Before start Suppliers
Working Capital(9) $3,000 to $35,000 During the first 3 to 6 months of operation Suppliers, Approved Suppliers, Employees, Etc.
Total(10) (11) $42,975 - $143,450

*Item 7 - from the Squeegee Squad Franchise Disclosure Document.

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